Pet Sitting Services in Albuquerque

Overnight House Sitting & Daytime Pet Drop-Ins

House Nanny offers in home pet sitting and daytime drop-in services in Albuquerque and surrounding cities.  Our trusted House Nannies will replicate your pets regular routine, ensuring the best possible pet stay while you are away.

Leave your Pet & Home in Confidence

Pets Stay at Home

Overnight Pet Sitting Stays

An overnight is based on a typical work schedule. Where we get to the house between 5-6pm and spend the night and leave between 8-9am. We can cover the evening walking/feeding routines and morning walking/feeding routines in one Overnight. With this, comes 1 dog walk per overnight plus the feedings in the evening and morning. If you need additional walks, we can accomodate that as well.

Attention Any Time

Day Time Pet Drop-ins

A drop-in is up to an hour of our time at any time of the day. Where we can accomodate any needs that need to be met in that one hour time frame. Walking, Feeding, or playtime. Changing cat litter boxes, watering plants, home security checks and more. We make sure everything is taken care of.

Burning Energy With

Dog Walks

Dog walking time frames can be customized up to an hour usually of our time. Anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour is our typical offering. We always ask ahead of time what path or walk route the client does with their dogs and we can duplicate that routine. We usually won’t do a dog walk past an hour. We find that this particular offering comes with great rewards. Your dogs are more calm in the evenings and most if not all dogs love a good walk at least once a day!

Happy Pets Love

Pet Play

How do you engage with your pets in play? All dogs of all sizes and ages tend to need or express the desire to play. This could be in terms of throwing a ball, a dog walk, play wrestling or hide and seek. Whatever ways your dogs or cats engage in play, we find that this is a valuable part of being a pet owner and we do our best to conduct play times throughout our time with your pets.

Additional Services

We know how important your home and pets are to you. Pet nannies always go above and beyond to care for the things you love. In addition to basic pet sitting services our Nannies are able to provide additional services while you are away.

Duplicate Pet Routines

Whether you feed your dogs at 6am, give them an afternoon walk, or play with them after dinner. We do our best to follow your routines, along with detailed instructions on the amount and type of food they eat per day. We like scheduled routines and your pets do too. We instill more confidence in the pets to trust us if we try our very best to accommodate what they are used to.

Pet Medications

If given thorough instructions from the pet owners, we can provide necessary medications and special treatment. We also need contact information for a vet the client uses in case of emergency with the pets. We make sure with you that only in the case of emergencies we have permission to transport and use a specific vet given by each client.

Water Plants

Have plants that need watered? You give us a tour of the plants that need our attention and we will make sure they don’t wilt away. We provide light watering to indoor and outdoor plants in a reasonable time frame, give that it won’t take longer than 15 minutes. We won’t be able to accomodate upkeep in landscaping and gardening maintenance. We can provide you with a landscaping resource, however if one is in need.

Mail & Newspaper

We can pick up your mail every day and collect it in a safe place inside the home for when you arrive home. We want to make sure the mail is collect and kept safe in case of mail theft or neglect of overloading the mailbox.


Trash piles up and can make a mess if not taken care of over a longer duration of time. We make sure to find out when waste pickup is per week to maintain this.

Home Security

We ask for any security protocols and codes and only share the details with Pet Nannies Assigned to assist you during each pet sitting visit. We ask for emergency contacts, a neighbor, security guardians, or anyone that you trust to help us if we need assistance while we are in the home.

Things to know

when hiring a Nanny

When hiring one of our nannies it’s good to know what to expect. Our nannies are sub-contractors. They work as self-employed individuals through House Nanny LLC. They are under contract with us to provide you a service of professional petsitting.

Sleeping Arrangements

We ask for comfortable sleeping arrangements for your Pet Nanny. A guest room or air mattress. Though you are paying for us to be in your home, we want to make sure that this arrangement is comfortable for all parties.


Pet Nannies are expected to provide their own food/drink while staying in your home. You are welcome to offer anything to them, but, know that they will as a general rule of thumb, bring their own nourishment and hygiene products and will refrain from using yours.


The Pet Nannies clean up after themselves. As per usual, we do wash all used linens and remake the bed that has been provided for them. We do clean up after ourselves, but do not provide house cleaning outside of our own usage and mess we have made. If you need a resource for a house cleaning company, please let us know and we can provide you with a resource.

Accidents do happen

We know that we cannot prevent all accidents from happening, but all Pet Nannies understand that if things happen with your property that they are 100% reliable and responsible for the care of the pets and the home in your stead.

Our Process! The Pet Nanny System

All our clients get assigned a Lead Pet Nanny who will conduct the petsitting jobs, along with a Super Nanny Backup who is considered a supervisor over the job. This individual streamlines communication between the clients and the lead nanny during the time you are away. The Lead Nanny checks in with you via text with pictures of your pets and makes sure everything is going smoothly. In case of emergency or issues that arise with the Lead Nanny, the Super Nanny is on call 24-7, along with Nicole ready to step in if necessary.

Booking and Scheduling Process: What to expect!

About two weeks prior to your departure, the Lead Nanny and Super Nanny assigned will make arrangements to meet you for a consultation walk-thru to gather all the information to make sure we are set for success and you get to meet them both. It’s a good time to get to know the people they get to know your pets.

Late Booking Policy:

We really encourage advanced bookings, but life happens and things come up unexpectedly, and no matter the notice, we really would like to accommodate your Petsitting needs. However, if you need to leave on a whim or forget to book with us in advance, we issue a $20.00 dollar late booking fee 3 days or less of your departure date on top of your rate.

Holiday Rate:

We really want to be available for your Holiday Travels and Vacations. We highly encourage booking with us weeks in advance, if not months. We book up very quickly during the Holiday Season! For the following Holiday’s we include a surcharge here as follows. New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day Weekend (Friday-Monday), 4th of July Day, Labor Day Weekend (Friday-Monday), Thanksgiving Weekend (Thursday-Sunday), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. The surcharge is $15.00 per day of the reflected Holidays.

Handouts and Paperwork:

We provide you with a list of Instructions we gather from you that covers everything from Local Contacts to Vet Information. Water plants, home security protocol and everything in between that has to do with the well being of your pets routines and care of their home environment.

We provide you with a Service Agreement to sign in order for us to serve you in the best way that we can!

Cancellation Policy

We understand things come up and cancellations do happen. We offer Clients to either choose to be refunded or credited toward future bookings if the Client cancels at any time for any reason. We will Refund or Credit 50% of the total invoice amount that the Client has already paid.

Tips for Clients:

Planning ahead! Like a particular Pet Nanny from our team? Always request the Pet Nanny of your choice ahead of time to ensure coverage from this particular individual. We try to provide the personal touch in making sure quality and personal assurance is met.

Gratuity for your Pet Nannies

Liked your Pet Nanny experience? Please show them your appreciation by leaving a cash tip, a gift card, or something that indicates your gratitude! The House Nanny Team as a whole, strives to make your trip away from home and your beloved pets as comfortable as possible.