Want flexible and easy to manage side hustle?

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Want a flexible and easy to manage side hustle? House Nanny is always looking for independent, self-starter-pet lovers who would like to spend their time with pets.

Choose the job that is right for you! Work full time but you would like to spend your weekends or Holiday time with pets? This is the right job for you. House Nanny provides you with the flexibility to not only to do something that you love, but make money doing it!

House Nanny’s goal is to provide solutions and a fun way to make some extra money! This could be perfect for you! Apply Today and let us know what you are looking for.

Love what you do.

Get paid quickly after each job! If you love pets, you'll love Pet sitting for House Nanny LLC.

Flexible Job Schedule

Base your job choices on the dates, locations and pets. We want to make this an easy an enjoyable experience for both the Client and the Pet Nannies!

Allergic to a specific kind of pet?

No problem! We can match you with the right kind of pet environment that will fit your needs and make you and the Client comfortable in this working relationship!

What to Expect on a Sitting Job

Overnight Pet sitting Stays

We provide the clients overnight stays that require the Lead Pet Nanny to spend the night at the clients home. We view an overnight based on a typical work routine. Get to the home between 5-6pm in the evening, duplicate the pet’s feeding/walking routines. Spend the night and wake up the next morning in the time frame given by client to conduct morning routines. And are okay to leave once routine has been completed.

Daily Pet sitting Drop-ins

Drop-ins are an hour of your time at the time frame in which the client has asked for the hour coverage. We provide anything that needs to be done in that time frame based again, on what the client has in mind. We hope that time is dedicated to the attention of the pets and the needs for the home.

Dog Walks

Dog walking is a very common request when it comes to dog owners. We are typically asked to walk dogs within the time-frames we have committed to be at the home. We ask that the client shows up or gives us an idea of where to best walk their pets. For safety purposes and duplication of the routines, we try to stay in accuracy of this request and its guidelines

Pet Play

Pet play is a common ask from clients. This can mean throwing balls in a backyard, to playing with them and their favorite stuffed animal inside.

Duplicate Pet Routines

We try our best to duplicate all interactions with all of our clients pets to instill confidence in them. They will bond and interact with you better if what we do is similar to their owners.

Pet Medication

It’s common that we are asked to provide special care for pets. Whether it’s certain medications, or a certain feeding routine. We ask all clients to provide you will detailed and thorough instructions to conduct medications for pets.

Water Plants

We want to make sure our clients feel like we can cover basic plant watering. We usually will limit watering duty to 15 minutes. Enough to keep things alive and in good shape. You may be asked to water indoor plants and some outside plants.


We make sure to pick the mail up each day if its a part of the job you are on.


Taking the trash bins out the night before trash day is usually apart of what we provide. Make sure the bins don’t overfill and cause a mess.

Home Security

We are always make sure to ask each client their home security protocol to insure protection of their home and pets even while we are in the care of their property. We ask the Pet Nannies to duplicate their protocol to insure safety. We always will get an emergency contact for your use in case of an emergency, along with vet information

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What to Expect When Applying with House Nanny LLC

Thorough Application Process

We have all potential Pet Nannies fill out an extensive application so to insure that all information will fit the needs we are looking for, along with maintaining consistency in our operations.

Certified Background Checks

We use Genesis Background program that nationally and locally screens all individuals. We ask that you provide us with information to obtain accuracy in your background. We promise that personal information will remain confidential at all times and will not be shared or given to anyone outside of our Certified Background Checks Program.

Referenced Checked

We ask that you provide us with 4 different references. 2 personal and 2 professional contacts to insure you are who you say you are. We love to hear other’s experiences working with you in other capacities.

Screened Interview and Meetings.

We Conduct one initial interview. Once we have reviewed your application, our first interview will contain an overview of your application and a conversations regarding your experience, identifying your referenced relationships and experience with pets. Questions may be asked regarding promptness, professionalism, skills in problem solving and ability to follow direction. Once we have made the conclusion to hire, we set up a follow-up meeting to have you sign the contract with us and confirm our standard way of doing business with you.


We hire on the basis of self-employment. We do not provide benefits or pay your income taxes assigned to you from the state and federal level. For more information regarding Sub Contracting, please see link.

Thorough Training process once hired

Once we have gone through the contract with you we go into detail regarding the standard protocol we have in place to implement for each commitment you agree to be assigned to. We cover everything from pet routines to home security and scheduling jobs.

Pet Nanny Roles

We have specific roles the Pet Nannies accept. One being a Lead Pet Nanny who is the person conducting the actual pet sitting job. All first time hires are trained and supported by a Super Nanny to ensure the best sitting experience for our nannies. The other role we have in place is the Super Nanny Backup designed to be on call and in contact with the Lead and Client at all times. Super Nannies streamline communication and are there for emergencies to fill in or help if need be from Lead Nannies.

Example: All first time hires are trained and supported by a “Super Nanny” to ensure the best sitting experience for our nannies.

We are Hiring

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