About House Nanny

A Pet Sitting Company in Albuquerque

Nicole Taylor is a native New Mexican resident from a small town south of Albuquerque. She grew up with multiple pets. On average she had about 3-5 dogs at one time, including the same amount, if not more, of cats. To add to her experience, she grew up in 4-H and every summer raised rabbits, dairy heifers, sheep and pigs.

From her roots, she gained a huge appreciation for the care and needs of pets and animals. With a passion for serving others and improving their qualities of life, Nicole created a company, House Nanny LLC, in which she could apply years of dedication and a lifetime of profound work ethic to local pet owners in the State of New Mexico.

In short, Nicole is dedicated to instill confidence in all pet owners she is privileged to serve. With Nicole’s strong business model and a staff that are dedicated to following protocol and the standards that uphold her and the reputation of the company, Nicole prides herself on going above and beyond the call of duty and expects her team to do the same.

House Nanny LLC was born in March of 2012, a service based company that started its roots by providing Housekeeping and Organizing. As the company grew and evolved, the need for Petsitting and Pet Care was starting to be a frequent request from the clients that House Nanny LLC serviced. Eventually, the company organically accumulated a following for Professional In-Home Petsitting. Thus led House Nanny LLC to adopting a business model designed to provide Professional In-Home Petsitting to the State of New Mexico.

We are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas.

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